Your Crypto Report – Monday 6th August 2018

Welcome back. The Embily team hopes you all had a lovely weekend and that your Monday is treating you kind. We’re glad you’re here to dig yourself into yet another one of our weekly reports! The Crypto world can be busy and constant, so here are a few of the more important and/or interesting things that have happened over the weekend.

The prices seem to be doing what it’s good at again, and that’s being volatile. As of writing this report, we’re currently hovering above the 7k USD mark after the fall below over the weekend. Let’s see if we can keep the support up so we never have to fall below 7k again.


Friday 3rd

Let’s start with something interesting. As we all know; the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is a secret. He’s anonymous and even after all these years has still remained so. He’s since been long dormant, but recent “Satoshi memoirs” have surfaced, leaving people arguing whether it’s the real Satoshi or not. This article goes into how they look at Stylometry to see if we can uncover his identity. I say just leave him anonymous.
A Look at Stylometry: Can We Uncover Satoshi Through Literary Quirks?


On Friday there was some initial hype regarding Starbucks and Crypto and that they were going to be accepting Bitcoin payments in exchange for their machiatopuninos and frappuccinolattes. Well, apparently it was never the case, as Starbucks cites that the media mis-presented their new Crypto venture.
‘No Coffee for Bitcoin,’ Starbucks Clarifies as Media Misrepresent Its New Crypto Venture


Saturday 4th

Since I’m based in Thailand, I’m throwing this one in because I find it interesting and it’s relevant to where I’m staying. Recently Thailand announced their regulations regarding ICOs within Thailand, and now Thai banks are allowed to open subsidiaries for Crypto dealings. A positive attitude is a way forward!
Bank of Thailand Allows Banks to Open Subsidiaries for Crypto Dealings


It seems the market is ready for a Bitcoin ETF, and a lot of people that are heavily involved with Crypto predict that the SEC will soon approve an ETF in the near future. There is a lot of speculation that if an ETF is approved, then it would help sky-rocket Crypto adoption as well as a high rise of money going back and forth within the Crypto world.
Only a Matter of Time Before SEC Approves Bitcoin ETF: Tech VC


Sunday 5th

Do you remember Mt Gox and all of the investor’s money it lost? Years later and we all thought it was over with? Well, not just yet. Recently, a group of creditors of Mt. Gox have started preparing to claim Bitcoin repayments. If they are paid back what they are claiming, that’s a whopping $1.3 billion USD!
Mt Gox Creditors Are Preparing to Claim for Bitcoin Repayments




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