Your Crypto Report – Monday 9th July 2018

Another Monday, another Funday. But then again, isn’t it always a funday in the glorious land of cryptocurrency? Monday also usually means the first day back at work for many people, and the Embily team understands that it may make things a little difficult to keep up with all the news that surrounds Bitcoin.

No worries, sit back and relax and see what important/interesting things you’ve missed out on over the weekend in our Monday report. Enjoy.


Friday 6th

You guys remember Bitconnect right? You know, BITCONNEEEEEECT!!

Youtube has just been dragged into a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit is against notorious Bitconnect, and now Youtube is being blamed for failing to protect its users from fraudulent and scam videos. I personally think this is just silly, as Youtube is a platform for anyone to upload and share their own videos and voice their thoughts and opinions. But people are mad that they lost their entire life savings, I can understand that. I still think it’s silly though.
Youtube Dragged Into Bitconnect Class Action Lawsuit for Failure to Protect Victims


I found this particular article interesting; Evan Cheng, who is Facebook’s Director of Engineering has been moved to the same position at the new Facebook blockchain team. I remember thinking back when they uplifted their Cryptocurrency ban on Ads, that they were preparing to do something crypto-related themselves. Could this be the case?
Facebook Director of Engineering Moves to Same Position at Company’s Blockchain Team


Saturday 7th

Nexon linked to Bitstamp? It had been rumored for some time now that Nexon, a game developer company wanted to pay as much as $500 million for Bitstamp. But with recent public filings, it may very well prove the link between the two companies. Major companies buying major crypto companies, who said crypto will die?
Filings Link Crypto Exchange Bitstamp to Game Maker Nexon


Expedia has long been known for accepting Bitcoin, even way back since 2014. But lately, they’ve kind of just quietly stopped accepting the coin. Without much of a notice or a reason why to their users.
Expedia Stops Accepting Bitcoin, Driving Users to Alternative Travel Sites


Sunday 8th

While wearing the most colourful shirt of a lama with a unicorn horn and a cat sitting on it while UFOs flew above them. Ethereum Founder, Vitalik Buterin comments that he “definitely hope centralized exchanges go burn in hell as much as possible.” Good ole Buterin.
Vitalik Buterin: “I definitely hope centralized exchanges go burn in hell as much as possible”



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